Video Case Study: Latvian Railways

Thank you for your interest in this case study presented by
Toms Kalnitis (Head of Internal Communications at Latvian Railways) on
‘Intranet without borders – creating a place employees want to use’

Please view the video by clicking the picture below.

Should you have troubles accessing the video, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help you out.

Following the “minimum-click”-policy, Tom Kalnitis modernized the old intranet of Latvian Railways and digitalized the paper materials. Watch the video to learn how he:

  • Made the employers want to use the intranet: 89% of the 15.000 workers were happy content with the new intranet
  • Made the intranet accessible for 11.500 remote workers who did not have laptops or tablets
  • Found a way to talk to the IT-department with the “right language”
  • Pushed the change internally, despite some resistance from the management
  • Managed to launch a new intranet in three months  and maintain it with a minimum budget
  • Led the change (Internal Comms), while other departments assisted.
  • Ensured the highest standards for the Data Security

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